May 8th, 1821

Daisy and Alan Grander, a friends couple of aunt Emeline, are going to be staying for three days at the manor. Mr Grander needs to see uncle George to talk about a possible business association I believe. They live in New York.

Emeline briefly talked to me about Daisy and Alan. She has not seen them in years. The three of them grew up in the same town and remained friends over the years before Daisy and Alan fell in love and got married. They were very close back then. Emeline’s voice is different when she talks about this. I do not know if it is nostalgia that I hear or a less obvious sentiment.

They are coming tonight. Emeline is busy doing nothing, going from to room to room with excitement or anxiety, I can not tell.

I went into the kitchen to take some tea leaves. The table was covered with champagne bottles and dead gooses.

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